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  1. I am willing to contribute minimum 3 hours per week per company that I choose to accept as GP.

  2. I agree to a 40% revenue sharing with G.A.I.N out of the overall revenue share collected by G.A.I.N pertaining to the new business originated through/by me. I also authorise G.A.I.N to collect the same on my behalf.

  3. I will not solicit to help the company in any way aside of the G.A.I.N program and if I do, I would do so after duly informing G.A.I.N and receiving a no-objection from them.

  4. I understand that G.A.I.N will only be able to pay me after I submit requisite documents to them including any reports, invoices or any other documents as may be required by them for processing of my payments.

  5. I understand that G.A.I.N will have complete right to terminate my association with the company (in case where the program may not be working for the company) and also assign another GP to carry over the program.

  6. I also agree to sign and uphold the Non Disclosure Agreement by G.A.I.N as well as the company I undertake as GP.

GP Terms: Text
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