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Partnering for Growth

G.A.I.N is an equity-free growth accelerator for revenue positive young startups. G.A.I.N has been co-developed with some of the best known industry leaders (called Growth Partners or GPs) with a sole objective of helping promising startups scale-up by opening up their close relationships and network for them and preparing them to be able to offer better value proposition. G.A.I.N operates on an open-network basis and allows startups and Growth Partners to mutually discover if they are a good fit for each other before they formalize their commitment to growth acceleration program.

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The Acceleration Program is a long 1.5 Year program in two phases

  • A. Active Phase: First 1 Year when the Growth Partners work work with you more intensively 

  • B. Passive Phase: Post Active Phase the Growth Partners are available on an as needed basis for an extended period of 6 months


Indian Startups with product market fit and demonstrable revenues or customer traction.   Read more 

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Growth Partners or GPs are people with experience of working with the Startups and have deep understanding of certain domains. Aside of their core domains where they will naturally have deep networks many GPs also have deep networks in other areas as well. During the acceleration, the GPs use their networks for business development of the startup(s) in their portfolio.

We also have GPs who are happy to join the program to help startups on a pro-bono basis. If you are someone with networks in certain fields and would like to associate with us as GP, then we encourage you to sign-up with us.

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Created by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

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Absolutely ZERO equity loss in joining and gaining from the accelerator. We gain from our contribution to your topline (as revenue share to all new business generated through the GP). Apart from this a small fee of INR 6 Lakhs is applicable

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There is no blind belief here. Application does not mean you have formally committed to the program. Explore the GPs and see if you can benefit from any one of them. Join the program only when you're confident of the potential growth.

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Each startup is different and so are its growth needs. Startups are free to choose a GP best suited for them and each GP may work with them in different ways as needed and as may be best for both of them. We do not run standard programs applicable to all.

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Emerging Tech Champion, Ex Head Innovation, SBI and Co-founder of 2 Deeptech Startups

Sudin Baraokar is the world’s top ranked innovation and Digital transformation expert having served in SBI, Barclays, IBM, GE. Currently advises the world on emerging tech like AI, Blockchain, Low code no code and Automation and is founder of deep tech startups.



Register here to apply for the program. We will create a shortlist of the startups that fit the criteria for this cohort and shortlisted startups will pitch to the GPs.


G.A.I.N shall schedule a Pitch session for your startup wherein interested Growth Partners can join to understand about your product, market and what help you may be seeking to grow.


G.A.I.N makes the introductions of the selected startups with all GPs who have shown interest. The startups and GPs engage to explore if there is a good fit for both in terms of what they are seeking and what access GPs can offer from their networks.


Once there is an agreement between the startup and GP to mutually work together, then the startup will need to execute the acceleration agreement and their formal acceleration program begins immediately.

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